Thursday, May 24, 2012


My husband is convinced he is the "demi-god" of fire.  He is a master at starting and maintaining a fire regardless of it's size.  He has even been known to restart a fire after a drizzle simply by "moving things around" with the backhoe.  (yes, we have a backhoe, long story.)  I am sure there are many of you who feel that it is unsound practice for the environment to burn.  I completely understand.  It is something we have had to do around here for 18 years considering the size of our property and the amount of debris from trees etc...  Once my horses come home, burning will be cut down dramatically as we will have a very large compost bin, but there will always be a burn pile here at Tangled Gardens.  Large limbs, fallen trees etc... we salvage and re-use what we can and the rest, well you know...  The pics below are of what I expect to be the last of our huge piles.  There were several tree stumps in the center from some diseased trees we had cut down a couple of years ago.  The pile is now simply two charred stumps that may have to be buried.  Just thought I would share something a little different.  

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