Tuesday, February 14, 2012


As it is still officially mid winter there isn't a tremendous amount of activity going on in the gardens.  However, it is the perfect time to see to the "winter tidy up".  Around here that means quite a lot of heavy lifting and cleaning.  Large limbs fall from the old trees, as well as multiple small branches, leftover leaves and the annual deep cleaning of the wooded areas on the property.  It's amazing how much input Mother Nature has around here.  I have given up the fight with the wild anemone that is here and there.  It insists on being very present.  Following are a couple of pics of the areas I have finished round one with.  The ferns are all natural and it's anyones guess to how long they have existed.  Each year I trim out all of the dead brown fronds and clean the leaves out of the center.  One year my husband thought I should know that they all got along just fine without me doing all of that.  Yes, they did, but did they look this good after being cleaned up?  Hmmm... doubt it.

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