Sunday, November 27, 2011


The steel gazebo that we had built and installed this summer (see earlier post) has been carefully painted (by yours truly) with first an epoxy primer that was like working with glue and then with a black machine paint. All total it took me about 25 hours to complete.  It looks great and is (I am told) rust proof.  With this being it's first Christmas here on the property I felt that we should honor it by trimming it with little lights.  It looks sweet out there in the dark by itself,  romantic and feminine.  I'm thinking this would be a great gazebo for an intimate wedding someday (in the summer or early fall of course).  Just the beginning of the holiday season preparations here at our place.  What are your plans for decorations for the holidays? 


I was stripping down the chicken coop the other day and discovered this teeny tiny egg hiding in the corner on the floor in the bedding.  I was quite surprised by this little find and discovered that other chicken owners have found the same thing.  Some of them told me how they preserved theirs but it was too late, I was dying of curiosity and just had to crack it open after taking it's picture.  Inside was a teeny tiny yolk about half the size of a pea.  Imagine that, perfection in miniature.  I will preserve any future small gifts I should receive as they seem to be very precious and few.