Thursday, October 27, 2011


The potager has been "put to bed" for the winter ahead.  This is a rather small vegetable garden but it produces very well and is more than enough for me to handle.  I call it my salad garden, using it mostly for on the spot, in season produce that can be put on the table right after it is picked.  Sometimes I get lucky enough to need to can tomatoes but not often.  The beds are raised with gravel paths in between, making weeding and overall management rather simple.  I compost the beds throughout the winter so they are rich with nutrients and don't get worn out and the soil is ideal.  The vine on the arbor is a grape that I got as a start from my neighbor, it is a Sweet Madeline Angevine. It grew like crazy this year, I had a hard time keeping it in check and even got a few teeny tiny grape clusters. The leaves are just now turning color and it looks like it's going to be golden and beautiful.  Sweet dreams little garden of mine.

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