Thursday, October 27, 2011


The potager has been "put to bed" for the winter ahead.  This is a rather small vegetable garden but it produces very well and is more than enough for me to handle.  I call it my salad garden, using it mostly for on the spot, in season produce that can be put on the table right after it is picked.  Sometimes I get lucky enough to need to can tomatoes but not often.  The beds are raised with gravel paths in between, making weeding and overall management rather simple.  I compost the beds throughout the winter so they are rich with nutrients and don't get worn out and the soil is ideal.  The vine on the arbor is a grape that I got as a start from my neighbor, it is a Sweet Madeline Angevine. It grew like crazy this year, I had a hard time keeping it in check and even got a few teeny tiny grape clusters. The leaves are just now turning color and it looks like it's going to be golden and beautiful.  Sweet dreams little garden of mine.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

 We have had a beautiful fall here in the Pacific Northwest.  We can usually count on very nice late summer weather in September and perfect fall weather in October.  One of my roses has surprised me with late season blooms and my asters are beautiful as they always are.  Asters are so nice in the garden for fall color.  They are hardy and dependable and look inspirational on fall days when the sun casts its golden glow.  Consider Asters for your garden if you don't already have them, they won't disappoint.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


This is why I have chickens.  Granted I have a few too many but my excuse is that I wanted 4 different breeds and only 2 of those could be sexed.  Actually, only 1 was 100% accurate (Americauna).  So after doing the calculations I determined that I should have enough to give me two hens of each breed.  I had decided that if I ended up with too many roosters I would find them new homes.  Well, it all worked out.  I have 12 hens and 3 roosters and I love them all.  I will have plenty of beautiful eggs to share.