Thursday, July 14, 2011


No, the unexpected visitors are not people who have just "dropped by".  These visitors are of the amphibian variety.  For some strange reason (all the rain we have had this year?) we have had one decent sized turtle, possibly a Red Slider, and two large bullfrogs show up in the back portion of our property.  They appear to have made their way up from the seasonal stream/swamp that we have just behind us.  They would have had to travel quite a distance to arrive at the location where we found them.  I have no idea why they would leave their swampy home but they did.  They managed their way through brambles, mud and skunk cabbage and crawled through a field fence finally coming to rest near the chicken coop.  They probably stopped there because that is where the dogs found them.  Fortunately,  all they did was bark with alarm and did not harm them.  We scooped them up and returned them to their safe haven.  I wonder if they will try and come back to visit.

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