Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I have 100 boxwoods that I nearly ruined myself planting about 5 years ago.  They were in 5 gallon pots and are on the list of "the hardest things we have done on the property."  Up until this year they have done beautifully.  They are the exterior definition of my back perennial beds with some of them on the interior of the border.  Last fall I carefully pulled out the soaker hoses that I no longer needed.  Some of the roots had grown around the hose so I clipped it on either side of the bush and pulled it out so as not to disturb the roots.  This spring the result of that decision has hit hard.  They are in shock and may be dying.  I am just sick!!  They are the backbone of my garden layout and were very expensive.  As I have looked down into the center of the large dying areas I can see bits of green, so I have decided that I must cut out the dead so that the new growth can get light and air.  This is going to be another one of my large tasks but must be done.  Hopefully it is the correct thing to do.  It doesn't make sense to me to leave the dead on the bush.  They are no longer the perfect beautiful bushes they were last year.  I am so sad. Does anyone have another idea as to how I can save these boxwoods?

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