Sunday, July 24, 2011


If you're like me you appreciate the look of old, well used garden tools and pots.  It gives us an indication that they served (or serve) their purpose well and have a story to tell.  I am fond of the vintage look of pots in particular.  Terra cotta can be tricky however, because it tends to disintegrate over time.  I have a need for 24 pots to go into some iron "window boxes" that my husband had created for me and wanted them to have a well worn look.  I used the popular and easy method of lime application to the pots.  I purchased powdered lime from the local hardware store (I now have enough for the rest of my life!), poured about 2 cups of lime into a plastic container and added water slowly, stirring until I reached the desired consistency.  I have done this two different times now;  the first time the lime was too watered down,  which offered minimal results.  The 2nd time it was too thick.  After the lime has been applied to clean pots with a paint brush, allow it to dry.  When dry use fine grit sandpaper and sand the lime off, stopping when you have achieved the look you want.  Keep in mind that when you water the plants you put in your new "vintage" pots more of the lime will wash off the first time.  Ta da!  New "old" pots.  It's a very simple and effective way to add charm to your garden.

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  1. Absolutely lovely. Thanks for sharing this project.