Sunday, July 31, 2011


When I initially began investigating the concept of a Cutting Garden most of what I read said that a cutting garden should be hidden away somewhere where it can't be easily seen.  I already had my old lavender field at my disposal and it certainly wasn't out of sight.  Also, I will be opening my cutting garden to the public and feel that it should be an inviting and memorable place to visit.  So... my approach is a different one. It will be one of the focal points of our property.  It is currently undergoing a re-do as I have decided to take a new approach and will be using mostly old fashioned annuals (that I will seed and grow myself) in addition to the already existing perennials.  I will also have peonies as well as cutting roses.  The edges will be bordered with flowering bushes of various varieties; lilacs, wigelia, dappled willow, old garden roses with hollyhocks tucked in here and there. There will be lavender at the front of the garden.  I will add birdhouses, feeders and baths as well as a fountain or bubbler.  As I type this it sounds like an impossibly big plan. Hopefully, if all of the stars line up correctly my impossibly big plan will take place next spring.  The first step of this transformation took place this past weekend with the installation of a beautiful iron gazebo that my ever creative husband had constructed for me.  It sits in the center of the cutting garden. It isn't huge but at 6x11 ft. it sits perfectly in the center of the beds.  It will be painted black with a weather resistant paint and will one day act as host to several large vintage rambling roses.  Lots of hard work awaits me out there, but I feel it will be well worth it.  I will keep you posted next spring as to it's progress. 

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  1. Good luck with it. I like the layout you've put in place. I always plan to be that organised, but somehow it always ends up more ad hoc!