Sunday, July 31, 2011


My chickens have grown like weeds, as chickens do.  I am truly enjoying listening to them go about their "chicken business", clucking, pecking and scratching.  When I hear a commotion I feel compelled to run over to the coop and insist that they stop terrorizing each other.  However, I refrain and remind myself that they are in fact, chickens.  I have slowly begun to name them as they have matured and shown their personalities and individual markings.  The Roosters are named Dickens (polish), Winston (Wellsummer), and Hemmingway (Penadasenca).  Hemmingway is rather aloof and seems to be afraid of me, but he isn't aggressive.  They each have a unique crow and I love listening to them.  The Polish hens are named, Violet, Ruby, Pearl and Emmie.  Violet is darling;  she is tiny (about half the size of the other hens) and very independent and a bit of a loner.  My Americaunas are named Latte, Breve, and Macchiato.  Breve seems to have poor conformation in her tail, it hangs down all the time.  I am still working on the others names.  They love their big run and cozy coop.  Every night just before dusk they all head into the coop and roost.  I lock them in so that they are safe from murderous racoons and coyotes.  I keep their coop and run clean and they get treats twice a day in addition to their chicken feed.  Below is a pic of my Polish rooster, I think he is terribly handsome.  I hope you think so too.

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  1. That Polish rooster is indeed a handsome looking fellow. I just love the assortment of names you've come up with, Sue. It sounds to be like you've really become a clucky coop mother! They are probably the best cared-for chickens ever.