Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It's a wonder how the "new and improved" items we use in our everyday lives are more often than not, not "improved."  With the exception of course being technology.  I won't touch on that subject as it is irrelevant here.  Except of course for the fact that I am writing a "blog" which is new and I am doing this on a newer version of the Apple laptop.  But I digress;  the point is that sometimes the old is better than the new.  Case in point,  the lightweight, colorful, easy to use and relatively affordable plastic watering can.  Yes, it's true, I who prefer vintage furniture, garden furniture and gardening "accroutrements", do in fact own a plastic watering can.  I have had it for a few years now.  I also have a lovely galvanized watering can that I use for display purposes (lest something should happen to it, it would be difficult to replace).  However, it is very true that you pay for what you get and plastic watering cans are no exception.  Last year mine became one of the dogs favorite toys.  It is hysterical to see them running across the lawn with either the spout or the handle in their mouth; they think they have hit the jackpot.  My galvanized can sits proudly at the corner of my deck year after year doing its duty of being "garden art."  The plastic watering can bit the dust this past week as the youngest of the dogs managed to completely chew through the handle as well as the spout of the plastic watering can.  I looked at it wondering if I should replace it or not and remembered my galvanized watering can that at some point in time served another gardener well.  Needless to say, I will not be purchasing another plastic watering can, but instead will put the galvanized one back into service.  It has the better spout anyway and my dogs will be hard pressed to use it as a toy.  It's time to let the old be new again and share with me the wisdom of it's past uses.

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