Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It seems that in many places across the country this year it has been a wet and cool spring.  It certainly has here in the Pacific Northwest.  It has only been recently that my beds have not been soaked with water and I am actually able to move soil around.  Everything is blooming much later than usual.  Yesterday, when I was puttering around in the evening I realized that spring really is the longest season here.  It lasts at least until the first week of July and depending on the summer, beyond that.  I have decided that rather than fuss about "summer never coming" I will enjoy the long springs that we have and the abundance of lasting blooms that it brings with it.  The Wigelia are profuse with blooms, which in turn makes the hummingbirds very happy.  This blooming bush has quickly entered the realm of one of my favorites and is very easy to maintain.  Consider it for your perennial beds if you haven't already.  Lovely in spring and summer and autumn brings out it's beautiful reds and golds.

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