Sunday, May 15, 2011


The chicks became "tweens" and it was time for them to move out into their new coop.  They seem to be very content and happy to have more room to move around.  The oldest of the flock (Americaunas) wasted no time in trying out one of the roosts. Funny how their instincts kick in, no one taught them to do what chickens do, they just do it. They have loved going outside and can run back into the safety of their coop as they wish. The only ones who are named at this point are the Americaunas as they are all hens.  My daughter decided that they should be named after coffee drinks (after all we are in the Northwest), the bravest one is named  Breve, the most timid is Macchiato (Macchi for short), and the middle one is named Latte.  Their names suit their personalities.  Hope you enjoy seeing their progress, it is actually very entertaining watching "chicken TV.

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