Monday, April 11, 2011


When I first started my blog last year one of the first pictures I posted was that of the early spring wild Trillium that graces us with it's presence annually.  As I mentioned last year it is a native wildflower that if picked, the plant will die.  It is such a beautiful delicate looking flower.  The more we clean out the wooded areas of our property, the more Trillium appear.  First a single flower and as the years progress the flowers spread,  I have clumps of Trillium as well as the single flowers.  They stand out against the bright spring green that all of the rain here in the Pacific Northwest brings us.  It has been such a dreary and wet early spring this year that the bright white of the Trillium really shines and brings great joy and hope.  They never fail to make me smile inside.

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