Monday, April 11, 2011


I am very excited to introduce to you the very first members of my first flock of chickens.  These little girls are the Americauna breed and when grown will give me beautiful blue eggs.  They are just darling with lovely markings on their heads and around their eyes.  It is so much fun to watch them and marvel at the instincts that they were born with.  Once they settled in and were no longer stressed, they ate, drank, scratched and preened.  When chilly they go under the warmth of the red light and when too warm they retreat to the edges.  Today they were feeling very confident and ventured out of the crate they are housed in to check things out  (with my supervision of course).  I try to hold them three times a day for just a few seconds each so that they become comfortable with human contact and hopefully will not be fearful and act out.  The remaining flock will arrive this Friday, 4 Padacasencas, 5 blue white crested polish.  These last two breeds are "straight run" so I am sure to have a couple of roosters.  Hooray!  I have always wanted a big beautiful rooster.
Look for more postings in the "peep show" category in the future.  I'm sure there will be lots to share.

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