Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The pic below makes me terribly sad as a gardener.  It was once a honeysuckle that was actually thriving extensively after it's third home.  The first move was necessitated by the neighbors dogs chewing it to pieces, the second home was just not right and it's third home was perfect.  Full sun and picket fence as well as an arbor to ramble along.  It grew like crazy and was gorgeous, the hummingbirds loved it.  One offense against this determined honeysuckle was my husband.  It needed to be trimmed (when I wasn't present) in order for the septic tank to be pumped and he recklessly wacked away at it dead center.  I managed to do some aesthetically pleasing tidying up.  Just a couple of weeks ago, the worst damage to it yet was done by our young dog (whom shall remain nameless).  In just a very short period of time he completely destroyed my beautiful honeysuckle.  All of it's main branches were shredded to bits!  There was nothing to do but cut it to the ground and say a little gardeners prayer.  
Of course we all love the pretty pictures of flowers growing happily, but as a testament to the hardiness of this plant I wanted to post this pathetic picture because I am betting that by the end of summer it will be reaching it's way towards the picket fence once again.

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  1. Like the rejoicing over wayward children, the rejoicing over a "come back" plant is heartfelt! I'm cheering that honeysuckle along!