Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The robins arrived 4 weeks early this year.  It will be interesting to see if spring comes early.  It can be hard to tell around here because spring lasts a long time and is unpredictable.  Just the same,  I have never seen the robins return home so soon.  Every day I see a big fat male with a bright red chest keeping an eye on a pretty female.  He sits on the arbor closest to my back door and she perches herself on the top of one of my birdhouse/feeders.  It really is amazing what wildlife will tell you about weather if you have the luxury of being able to pay attention as you go about your day.  My honeysuckle is already sending out tender green leaves, the weeping pussy willow is starting to bud out and several of the perennials are sending up green shoots.  My early spring to do's will begin once I get the winter to do's that didn't get done taken care of.  I still have leaves that have to be raked, my berries need to be tidied and trimmed and some of the bushes require attention.  Then I can get to the needs to be done now to do's.  One thing I must wait for is the ground to dry out a bit.  No weeding will take place until the soggy conditions around here subside, I can however complete a  multitude of tasks that will easily eat up my time, ie: pressure washing the mildew off of my deck and porches (blah!).  Well, better that than shoveling snow.  

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