Sunday, January 2, 2011


I meant to publish this post a couple of weeks ago, but the holidays got the best of me and time was limited.  Now that the frenzy is over I thought it would be fun to share with you anyway before our thoughts turn to seedlings and spring to do's.
Ever since we built our home on our five acres,  I trudge around our small woods with clippers in one hand and a shopping bag in another in search of cedar branches, mossy twigs, holly foliage etc..., anything that catches my eye in order to bring it into our house for holiday decorating. More often than not this is done in at least a misty rain, so by the time I am done with collecting, my clothes are wet and my hair flattened to my head and probably dripping wet.  However, one night I ran out of miscellaneous greenery and was anxious to get my decorating done as it seemed to be taking longer than I would have liked.  I looked out at my very dark property and the damp fog that was enveloping it, put on my raincoat, grabbed a flashlight and convinced the dogs to go out into the night with me.  I was counting on them to chase off any coyotes that may have been lurking about.  The fog was light but the flashlight still cut a line through it as I made my way towards the back where the holly bushes are.  As I have walked the property countless times in the dark I was unafraid.  I am always enchanted by the stillness that surrounds me outside in the woods, in the dark (with the dogs of course) .  I cherish the sound of animals moving about and owls calling to each other and it is usually with hesitancy that I re-enter the security of our warm home as I truly enjoy the solitude that the dark woods offer.  I managed to acquire the necessary "accoutrements" to finish my decorating that night and thought you might enjoy seeing some of the "vignettes" I created utilizing some of what nature has to offer.  Nothing too fancy, just a bit of this and that.  I love the look of natural rustic items paired with the more formal ornaments, candles etc... . 


  1. I love fresh foliage in the house. I think you did a lovely job of decorating for the season. I have already taken mine down as the cedar was shedding and the other bits and pieces were showing wear. The pine cones go in the fireplace and I'm done. Hope you had a Great Holiday.

  2. It all looks great! I hope it also brought the nice scent of pine into the house.