Saturday, November 6, 2010


Vignette:  a small impressionistic scene.  I must admit that I need to work on the "vignettes" in my gardens.  I have been so focused on getting plants in the ground and maintaining them that I haven't seen to that detail much yet.  I have a few, here and there but know I need many more.  They are one of the many extra details that are imperative (to me) to help create a charming effect on my property.  So that said,  added to my goal list this spring are of course vignettes.  They are the final touch and make all the difference.  In the post before this one I featured a garden I had visited named Laurel Hedge and neglected to post this very charming vignette pic.  It is simple and very effective.  I think you will find it inspiring if you appreciate small details as I do.

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  1. I love you little vignette. I think all birdhouses like a ride once in a while. It's very fun riding in a wheelbarrow.

    It is a beautiful shot also.