Monday, November 22, 2010


Well, when I posted my last blog I mentioned that winter was clearly was on it's way.  However, I didn't expect snow!  This first thing I did when I finally returned home after doing my Thanksgiving Day shopping was run out and rake.  Yes, that's right, rake!  This cold snap caught me unprepared and I had to scramble to get my lily beds blanketed with leaves before any more damage was done. My family thinks I'm crazy, but they know me well by now and very little stops me.  Fortunately, the amount of snow received was minimal and I was able to accomplish my task even though the leaves were frozen.  In the 19 years we have lived in the Pacific Northwest I have never seen it snow this early.  Granted,  it isn't much compared to other parts of country but it still brings along it's constant companion; cold temperatures.  My poor, poor plants.  They aren't used to this type of weather.  Who knows what the rest of the winter will bring, last year was quite damaging.  We are supposed to get about 2" tonite and then it will disappear as always, leaving shocked perennials, lilacs, roses etc... in it's wake.  I must go out and fill the bird feeders my little winged friends are probably hungry.

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