Monday, November 22, 2010


Well, when I posted my last blog I mentioned that winter was clearly was on it's way.  However, I didn't expect snow!  This first thing I did when I finally returned home after doing my Thanksgiving Day shopping was run out and rake.  Yes, that's right, rake!  This cold snap caught me unprepared and I had to scramble to get my lily beds blanketed with leaves before any more damage was done. My family thinks I'm crazy, but they know me well by now and very little stops me.  Fortunately, the amount of snow received was minimal and I was able to accomplish my task even though the leaves were frozen.  In the 19 years we have lived in the Pacific Northwest I have never seen it snow this early.  Granted,  it isn't much compared to other parts of country but it still brings along it's constant companion; cold temperatures.  My poor, poor plants.  They aren't used to this type of weather.  Who knows what the rest of the winter will bring, last year was quite damaging.  We are supposed to get about 2" tonite and then it will disappear as always, leaving shocked perennials, lilacs, roses etc... in it's wake.  I must go out and fill the bird feeders my little winged friends are probably hungry.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Autumn seemed to come and go far too quickly this year.  I was able to get most of my "to do's" done, but there are a few left unfinished.  Unfortunately, a couple of unexpected events on behalf of mother nature have taken place and created even more work.  A tree fell on my cottage, where I will have my gift shoppe and floral design studio, but fortunately no damage was done.  Then, for some unknown reason the majority of the posts in my cutting garden fence have rotted underground and two of the four sides have fallen down.  Needless to say, I can't ask my husband to rebuild that large fence so we have opted to eliminate the fence completely with a front facade only, where I have some climbing roses growing.  Time for a new plan for the perimeter of the cutting garden.  I'm contemplating large old garden roses, wigelia and lilacs to create a natural wall and this will also entice even more feathered friends.  I managed to get a couple of pics of the beautiful autumn we had.  Below is one of the Wigelia in full fall colors, and a shot of one of our very old maple trees that somewhere early in its life had to grow sideways in order to reach up towards the sun.  As I write this post it is clear that autumn is leaving and winter is arriving.  Very blustery and on the chilly side outside.  I have many, many leaves left to rake and may end up doing it in the rain.  Thats life in the Pacific Northwest/ 

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Vignette:  a small impressionistic scene.  I must admit that I need to work on the "vignettes" in my gardens.  I have been so focused on getting plants in the ground and maintaining them that I haven't seen to that detail much yet.  I have a few, here and there but know I need many more.  They are one of the many extra details that are imperative (to me) to help create a charming effect on my property.  So that said,  added to my goal list this spring are of course vignettes.  They are the final touch and make all the difference.  In the post before this one I featured a garden I had visited named Laurel Hedge and neglected to post this very charming vignette pic.  It is simple and very effective.  I think you will find it inspiring if you appreciate small details as I do.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Several weeks ago, upon the advice of a friend of a friend, my husband and I visited the very charming gardens at Laurel Hedge in Estacada, Oregon, as she had been told  that I was working towards creating a "destination" garden and thought I would find it inspirational.  It isn't often that I have the chance to visit other gardens and was thrilled with the opportunity to visit this one.  It was once a Christmas Tree farm that over the years has been converted into multiple beds, pathways and charming outbuildings by two very creative individuals.  The gardens include a large pond, several clever fountains, charming outbuildings including a greenhouse made of salvaged windows and a boutique featuring a little of this and that found here and there. Not to mention an adorable outhouse unlike any I have ever seen and many birdhouses that make excellent use of vintage everyday objects.   These are men after my own heart!  We came home with three salvaged windows that will be suspended from our pavillion creating a cozy feeling for our future outdoor kitchen and seating area.  Below are some of the pics of Laurel Hedge.  I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed visiting them.  I will return in the spring to see what's new.  Check out their website at, and if you are in the area, stop by you won't be disappointed.