Wednesday, October 13, 2010


There aren't many annuals that I am fond of, but this is definitely one of them.  The Cleome (spider flower) is amazing!  I had never seen one until I thought they looked interesting on the cover of a seed packet and were considered one of the old fashioned types, so I propagated them and fell in love.  They grow to about 4.5 ft. tall with hardy stalks and amazing wild looking blooms that are in a full ball at the top and have spidery looking sections going down the stalk.  I must admit however that scent is not their strong point.  It is a little on the musky side so I'm not sure how popular they will be as a cut flower but I will have them in abundance none the less.  They were better performers last year as I had started them in pots, this year I allowed them to self sow.  I don't know if it was our late summer or if they just fare better with a headstart in pots.  Next spring I will go back to my original method as I must have these.  Their blooms last a very long time and when they begin to fade they dry out and open up revealing dozens of tiny seeds in long narrow pods.  Enjoy these pics and consider giving them a try in your garden.  (full sun)


  1. Cleome is at the top of my wish list for next season. I tried starting some from seed this year with no success - poor quality seeds maybe? I will try again!

  2. OH I LOVE THEM TOO! They're so old fashioned and showy in my garden.
    Glad I discovered your blog. Stop by for a visit sometime.

    All joys to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  3. Those are lovely and do have a cottage-y feel about them. I love old fashion flowers.