Tuesday, September 14, 2010


These late blooming, long lasting favorites like to strut their stuff when the other flowers are fading away. These particular shots were taken in my cutting garden.  They are some of the last ones still blooming.  I love the bright yellow of the Black Eyed Susans paired with the purple Asters and the multi-colored Cosmos.  The wiry long stemmed purple flowers scattered here and there are Brazilian Vervain (Verbena bonariensis).  No one believes me when I tell them they are Verbena.  Never mind that they don't grow where I want them to but are profuse everywhere else.  Oh well.  I just let them pop up wherever they want.  They are light and airy and you can see other flowers through them.  They truly grow like weeds and some people don't care for their disrespectful wild ways.  They are definitely on my favorite list.

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  1. I have these same verbena in my garden. The butterflies love them and they are effortlessly beautiful. Wondering where they will pop up is part of the fun! :0)