Saturday, September 4, 2010


Summer is waning quickly as are most of the flowers in my beds.  However, the beautiful old fashioned hollyhock is hanging on to remind us of the beauty summer flowers provide.  This was not a banner year for my hollyhocks.  Typically, they are at least 8 ft. high and too many to count.  My guess is it was the wet June we had, as I found many of the rootstock had rotted in the ground.  Sad.  However, I know that as always they will prevail and return next year in all their stately glory.  I never actually plant Hollyhocks, they just show up.  I do transplant them usually with success.  Colors intermingle and change as the bees go about their busy business.  The pretty peachy/yellow and lilac colored ones are some of my favorite.  So... for now a final photo to look back on during the long days of winter as we gardeners pine and plan for spring.

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