Monday, August 16, 2010


This pic was sent to me by a visitor to my cutting garden.  A lovely lady (visiting from West Virginia) and her daughter (featured in the photo) stopped by hoping to see a field of lavender.  What they found instead was the beginning stages of my cutting garden and the final stages of my lavender.  However, they were very sweet and complimentary and seemed to be very pleased with what they saw.  They were especially impressed with the size of the Shasta Daisies, hence the photo. As you can see she isn't attempting to eat them,  just smelling.  They went home with plenty of cut flowers and lavender to enjoy.  It was a delight to have them stop by, as I haven't officially been open for business for awhile now, and haven't had the chance to talk "flowers" with visitors.  I truly hope that when they are in town again they will have the opportunity to drop in.  There should be new flowers to smell and cut and young fresh lavender to admire.

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