Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My lavender is now eight years old and this will be it's last season.  It will be very hard for me to dig them up, we have spent many seasons together.  When I first became entranced with the idea of a flower business my immediate thoughts were to lavender.  It was the trend at the time and a trip to Sequim, Washington sealed the deal in my mind.  I ordered 1,000 tiny plants, 500 Provence, and 500 Grosso, the french varietal.  An area approximately 1/4 of an acre was tilled and prepared.  The tiny plants arrived and the frenzied planting began.  I employed the youthful, yet unwilling, energy of my two young children at the time as well as my ever supportive husband.  Many years, a ridiculous amount of weeding, and several backbreaking harvests have come to an end.  I currently only have about 125 of the original plants.  Two years ago the majority were removed to make room for my current cutting garden.  I will replant this spring in a more easily managed manner (keyword; more weedblock) with no more than 100 plants.  I will continue with the Provence, I am enamored with the rich fragrance of this variety, as well as the Grosso which is very fragrant as well and is widely used for lavender wands and the dried buds for sachets.  
So for now... please enjoy these few photos of my lovely old ladies as this will be their last.


  1. The girls are very beautiful...

  2. It is indeed an honor to have cuttings from these lovely old ladies. I wrapped them carefully and they traveled on the plane with me all the way from Portland to San Fran to Pittsburgh and then on to West Virginia. Sue, your cottage gardens are absolutely exquisite. Thank you for being so gracious to my daughter and I when we dropped by on you last week. Seeing your lavender and all your other plantings, including the shasta daisies which were taller than my daughter, was a highlight of my trip to the NW. It's a memory I shall have forever.