Wednesday, July 7, 2010


After a very long and wet spring, summer has arrived as is typical, shortly after the Fourth of July.  No transition this year however, we have gone from 64 degrees and cloudy for nearly two months to 96 degrees for the next three days.  No complaints here though, just have to really move to see that all of the plants receive sufficient water (by hand!) and with the help of one or two sprinklers. Definitely a full time job at this time of year.
The quote below is one I am sure many of us gardeners would love to embrace, and allow the weeds to do as they wish.  But then of course, that would mean relinquishing the joy of gardening to the rampage of the weeds, which would result in ... not much of a garden!  In my wooded areas however, there are some lovely natural ground covers that for years I tried to control.  No such luck, and I have come to the conclusion that they are rather pretty and die off quickly after their season has passed.  My husband notified me this year that he constantly weed wacks a very persistent weedy looking bush type plant, that always reappears in full force.  Once he showed me the plant I then asked him to cease and desist instantly, as it is a wild Anemone and is much prettier than a nasty blackberry bush that would most certainly fill its spot.  There truly are some "weeds" that are worth keeping.
The pic below is just a quick snap of one of my gated entries into my cottage garden (as always, a work in progress).  I like looking at it as I walk through it several times a day and thought I would share.
Happy watering!  


  1. Your photo shows a lovely entrance ... the pathway heading off into the garden just invites you to come on in.

    Sounds like things are heating up for you ... your summer temps sound similar to ours. Unfortunately for us, we have severe watering restrictions during our summers ... well during the whole year actually ... so our gardens do suffer terribly during a hard summer. I hope yours comes through well. I'm imagining you running around frantically watering all those perennial beds!

  2. What a beautiful entry! I would love walking through that gate several times a day.