Thursday, June 24, 2010


Who doesn't love the scrumptious fragrance and voluptuous appearance of the peony.  Their beautiful delicate petals form large drooping heads filled with an old fashioned fragrance that is unique to them.    They come in a large variety of colors ranging from rich burgundies to luminescent whites.  My favorite personals are the pale pinks.  This color range seems to suite their delicate nature.  Considering the amount of rain we get here in the Northwest in the spring I am always tempted to run out and place an umbrella over each of my beauties because their blooms become so heavy with water that they are unable to keep themselves upright.  
Alas, this has yet to happen and I try to rectify rainy day damage by cutting the drooping flowers and bring them indoors so that I may enjoy their scent and beauty inside as well as out.
If you haven't experienced the joy of the peony, I highly recommend it.  They will take you back in time to an era that has been too easily forgotten.  


  1. They are quite simply beautiful ... unfortunately not a plant that will grow here, but at least I can enjoy your photos.

  2. When I used to work at a different job I drove by this home with wonderful flowers. Each (hot sunny) afternoon there would be an (regular size) umbrella over one flower bed in the garden. Could not see what the special plant was but I loved the care the gardener thought to give each hot sunny day.

    I love peonies. If we could grow them here in hot central Texas I would not know what to do either. I think I would use the same picking order you have chosen.