Sunday, May 30, 2010


This particular bed holds several perennials, the ones you can easily see are lambsear, spiderwort, and a Presidents clematis.  In another blog I follow the writer referred to spiderwort as a weed.  I can only assume that it grows prolifically in their location and becomes pesky.  Here in my gardens it is pretty compact and always puts on a beautiful display, as long as I have it well supported, otherwise it falls flat to the ground and the only option is to cut it completely down.  That did happen this year to one of them in another bed, and I am unhappy with myself that I allowed that to occur.  The lambsear always amazes me.  Last fall this was just two single cuttings from my more established plants,  they certainly are content where they are, I can't believe how much they grew in less than a year!  The clematis is another mystery, I have read that you should leave them alone and allow the "new to grow on the old".  I have two clematis, both different varieties, each year in the very early spring I cut them down to the ground because they are such a confusing mass.  They never fail to grow like crazy and receive many compliments from those who see them.  A long portion of this particular clematis is on the ground, because it grew in the opposite direction and hasn't gotten quite long enough to reach the pickets.

There is Hardy Geranium planted at the base of the arbor, as well as Hollyhocks, Shasta Daisies and peonies.  

Hope you enjoy and can't see too many weeds!


  1. You have some pretty combinations! I love lamb's ear and have quite a bit of it growing in different places. I also like the color of your flowers and with your house it looks very pretty!

  2. I recently had to cut my spiderwort back. It had been beautiful - upright and full and full of blooms. Then we had a lot of rain and it was all flat to the ground - and stayed there. The slugs were loving it underneath the heavy foliage. I think - I hope - it will come back. Even so, I had a few blooms on it this morning.