Monday, May 10, 2010


It seems to me that Lily of the Valley should appear closer to Easter.  I love their delicate tiny drooping flowers, tucked into the safety of elongated green leaves.  I have quite a few planted underneath my lilacs.  They are thriving, and spreading which is good and not so good.  The good part is that they fill in the blank space in an area where it would be hard to grow anything other than a ground cover, they seem to do best in a shady, cool environment.  The bad part is that they are prolific and need to be brought under control every couple of years.  

I was at a large plant sale on Saturday and was aghast to see single Lily of the Valley being sold in 4" pots for $3.00!!  Mine were given to me by a friend and when I divide them, I too will give them to family and friends or find a place for them in my wooded areas.  If someone is going to charge $3.00 for Lily of the Valley they should at least put 3 in the 4" pot and you really need to buy only one because they spread so rapidly.  

One of the many things I have learned in my self-taught gardening education is that you don't need to buy gallon pots of perennials, if available buy the 4" pots.  Things always grow and you will save yourself money in the long run.  Also, it's good to have a friend who gardens and you can share or buy from small independent nurseries, they usually have a little lower price.  I have purchased very few of my hundreds of plants from large nurseries.  I have learned to be patient and if the plant is not doing well within a years time I find a new location for it to give it a better chance.  It usually works.

That's my tip for this particular post.  Good Luck to all of you getting the weeds under control.  I need it!


  1. I am very envious of your Lily of the Valley! This year is my third attempt at growing some and while they haven't bloomed yet, at least they haven't died away like previous attempts. What is your secret? How much sun do your plants get.

  2. I love lily of the valley and have not put any in my shade garden. Now I am inspired.

    Hmmm, who do I know....