Tuesday, May 18, 2010


My beds are waking up nicely so there are more photo ops available.  These pics are of my Dappled Willows.  They are a lovely free forming bush that has green foliage as well as leaves that are a creamy pink.  They are underplanted with Lambs Ear, which I adore because it is a fast spreading ground cover.  However, the thistles continue to make their way through (maybe it's the black thistle I feed the finches?)  Anyway,  the Dappled Willows are going into their third season and have grown like crazy.  I hand trim them throughout the summer, trying not to take away their natural look.  Fortunately, they are doing what I had hoped for, first; surviving, second; softening the end of our "pavillion".  The wisteria is taking it's sweet time growing up the gables as I am hoping.  I am new to properly growing Wisteria, so any suggestions are welcome.

The past two weeks have put me into a state of exhaustion.  I have gone through most of my beds for the third time this season, however my largest bed which is semi-wooded and about 60 feet long and 25 feet wide has run amuck.  Once the grasses get going in that bed there is not stopping them.  It will be 10 more days before I can get to it as I am going down to Southern California for my daughters graduation from college.  The vegie garden is in and some topdressing done in a couple of areas.  However, another task waiting for me when I return is the removal of  my mini forest of maple trees.  I had this ingenious idea of laying some of my thousands of leaves on top of my next 5 perennial beds to keep the weeds under control and add nutrition to the soil.  Lo and behold, no weeds but tiny maple trees instead.  It shouldn't be too bad to take care of, a hoe and a rake, and some back breaking double digging.  Right??


  1. Newspaper and mulch overlay work wonders for me. I could not imagine having that much work though ! Bet it is beautiful, I also love the cottage garden look, thanks for the post, Gina

  2. I would love to have maples as weeds in my garden.