Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flowering Cherry Tree

  • I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the beautiful flowers on my Shirofugen Flowering Cherry Tree.  Today was the big day, and no rain!  The Shirofugen is the last of the flowering cherry trees to bloom and it is a spectacular beauty to behold with its white/pink petals.  A deciduous tree that grows to a height and spread of 15-20 feet.  The shape is spreading and flat topped. Over time the tree may grow branches that arch downward. When the bloom first appears it is a very pale pink but soon turns to white as the petals open, only to revert to a pink-mauve with dark centers as the bloom ages. Our Shirofugen is approximately  13 years old.  This is my personal favorite of the flowering cherries.  It has a very romantic and feminine appearance with it's nodding branches and drooping blossoms.  I chose this picture because it showcases the blooms themselves.  


  1. It's an absolute stunner ... I can see why it is your favourite. This is not a sight I see here so I thank you for this great photo.

  2. This is amazing. It is like a silky cloud of flowers.