Sunday, April 18, 2010


With the majority of my flower beds being perennials and roses, things are growing but there isn't much to post about.  My thoughts, as I am sure many of yours, are turning to the vegetable garden; planning on what to plant and when.  This is a pic of my vegie garden from last summer, the lavender was removed last fall because it had gotten enormous and was taking up valuable space.  I have spent the last few weeks double digging my raised beds and am waiting for the soil temperature to rise so I can plant.  I had hoped to get the lettuce seeds in today, but spent far too much time pressure washing the deck.  My preferred vegie garden style is a potager. I have planted climbing roses on the arbors and hope they will thrive.  I find it easier to maintain the weeds and amend the soil with this garden style. The bird house and bird bath create a nice little habitat for the finches and chickadees.  Speaking of soil, yesterday as I was finishing double digging the last bed I wondered where all of the soil was going. Each year I add organic matter and composted horse manure and each year the soil level declines.  Any ideas?  Maybe it's the garden fairies taking the easy way out for their own gardens.  

Heres wishing all of you a successful planting season for a rich harvest in the fall.

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  1. Beautiful blog! I am also in the Pacific Northwest, just north of you in Victoria, BC. We sure are lucky to be living where we are. Actually, your blotanist profile pic of a trillium is was attracted me to your blog since I am very interested in native plants. I also love your "tangled" style. I am hoping to put in a similar style of garden, only using native plants along with horticultural plants. About your soil, I am guessing it's all the microorganisms and other digesting critters that are eating up your organic matter and than pooping it out in the form of beautiful, albeit smaller, composted soil.