Monday, March 29, 2010

Time To Tidy Up!

The joy of spring brings with it the need to see to the tedious details of the garden.  I find this to be a little on the overwhelming side and wondering "why on earth am I doing this, who cares" as I crawl along the flagstone and pick out all of the hundreds of maple seed pods and tiny pieces of rose trimmings that are lodged in the gravel between my flagstones causing me to have very sore fingers plagued with miniscule slivers and a very sore neck.  I find myself also thinking, "why didn't we just lay this flagstone in concrete?"  The answers to these questions are simple;  first, I feel absolutely compelled to "get out there" and see to the cleaning up and I care (that's who!) Second, the reason we didn't lay the flagstone in concrete is twofold, it is expensive and not does not lend itself to a natural atmosphere.  Thus, my current chore.  One of the other many things that needs to be done at this time of year is the dividing of perennials that have overgrown their boundaries.  I love it when I get multiple plants out of one and re-distribute them in my beds.  Today, I managed to get eighteen new Loosestrife just by dividing them.  Two days ago I was able to get 31 individual phlox out of two overgrown bunches.  Yeah!!  I love free plants!  My poor body is feeling the effects of all of this early spring cleaning, but I would much rather garden like a maniac than sweat away in a stuffy gym.  Happy Spring Cleaning!!

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