Monday, March 29, 2010

DIY Garden Design

As a gardener who is always looking for ideas and am always wondering "how did they get from one point to the other?" I thought it might be fun to share with you my personal perennial beds progress.  I have never used a professional landscaper other than hiring someone to excavate a portion of our property so that we could have a semi smooth lawn surface with an actual sprinkling system. (I felt spoiled as I watched someone else do the hard work.)  It is impossible for me to have 5 acres filled with perennial beds and thus some of it has been relegated to lawn.  Also, I will be bringing my "boys" (horses) home sometime this summer and they do best if they have a decent surface on which to stand.  So, here are a few pics with some quick explanations.  This spring will be my beds 3rd year in existence, some of the photos are from the first year, some the second.  The first year they were completely bare as I spent time amending the soil with composted horse manure and doing a tremendous amount of double digging.  The second year shows young plants.  I will post the 3rd year photos this summer.

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