Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Welcome to my blog!  

As I am new to this I hope you will be patient as I tread lightly through the murky waters of blogging. Tangled  Gardens is located in Southwest Washington, closer to Portland, Oregon than Seattle so a little less rain.  Considering it is January there isn't much to write about in the gardening arena, however living in the Northwest, January does afford us the occassional  "teaser" days when you are pretty certain spring is just around the corner. We have had a record warm month (for January) and this has allowed me to see to some early spring cleaning or late fall catch-up whichever way you choose to look at it.  The adorable and cherished tiny frogs are singing their nightly chorus as the temperatures lure them out. I have always thought these frogs were tree frogs but if that is the case then why do they live in the mud of the seasonal ponds? Closer towards the end of January and into February their chorus is so loud it can be overwhelming.  I love it!  The Robins will soon be making their return, and my heart goes out to them every February when we have a surprise snow or ice storm and they are searching for food. I have been keeping busy with small projects ie: painting my markers for my cutting garden rows, and re-painting bird houses that were damaged last year.  Today will be more re-painting and some leaf raking.  The five acres we live on are approximately 1/3 trees and the remaining is full or partial sun.  The soil is rich from the old growth forest that once existed here ( I know, guilt, but I had no idea how many Douglas Firs had actually been cut down until we had purchased the property!) so I am able to grow pretty much anything as long as it is in the correct place.  As the blog continues on I will post pics of my beds, both existing and new projects.  It usually takes me three years to complete the various beds.  My method helps me to create the cottage garden look I am so fond of without having to make too many changes, although I have always said, "it is a lucky plant that has a permanent home in my beds."

Thanks for joining me as I journey on through the wonderful and satisfying world of gardening.